Potential wage increase impacts on local governments

An executive order by President Joe Biden requires federal contractors to pay workers a $15 minimum wage.

In Biloxi, the city is already considering how much more money they’ll need to ensure city workers if there is a minimum $15 wage. Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “Mayor Gilich and the city council are continuing to watch this anxiously.”

A potential change in pay scale may have to occur for all city workers to keep pay rates consistent among employees should the minimum wage climb to $15. The City of Biloxi wants everybody to be treated fairly. “They all want to do the right thing by their employees and they want to do the right thing by the public as well.”

Biloxi resident Bill Myers feels everybody deserves to make a wage they can survive on. “I think it’s about time because people have to make their rent, make all those things and the cost of living keeps going up. We need that.’

According to the City of Biloxi, 70 of their over 600 employees would benefit from the minimum wage pay raise of $15.

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