Potential Changes to MAEP Formula

What happens if Initiative 42 passes and the state is required to fully fund MAEP?
Many of those against fully funding it claim it’s a broken formula that does not allocate money fairly to districts across the state.
Coast legislator Charles Busby of Pascagoula believes he may have the solution. He’s been working on changes and plans on introducing legislation next session for a re-vamped education funding formula. “I have some proposed changes to MAEP, which I think will strengthen the formula. I think it will add a greater level of accountability for the formula and I believe it will help school districts that I believe are currently being short changed. We got a couple of those here on the Coast and I believe those fixes will make it better for them.”
Representative Busby tells News 25 he has already drafted the bill and is hopeful for its passage in the 2016 session.

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