Possible threat posted to social media in Moss Point

A threat that was posted to social media about shooting up a school is now under investigation by the Moss Point Police Department and the FBI.
According to the Moss Point Police Department late Wednesday night a teenager allegedly posted a threat to social media about shooting up a school. The post did not specify which school was targeted and law enforcement did not say which social media site it was posted to.
Moss Point Police Chief Calvin Hutchins says they were able to identify the location of the post as Moss Point and that the suspects profile was under a fake name. Chief Hutchins says they were able to find a picture of the suspect and during their investigation they were led to Moss Point High School to question teachers about the teenager. One teacher was able to identify the suspect and said that he was never a person to worry about and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.
Chief Hutchins said this suspect does not attend the high school at this time so they’re investigating as to why he allegedly made the post and why he had a fake name. “He doesn’t appear to be a person that had any type of criminal background then again we don’t know why he would do something of this nature, but it put everybody on alert with the surrounding school shootings and things of that nature. We don’t want to be a victim of that. We want to err on a side of caution, make sure we are prepared to handle any situation, any threats that’s made special involving the school where our children are at.”
The investigation is still ongoing and is being assisted by the FBI. They have not released a name, but did bring him in for questioning.
Chief Hutchins believes that more than likely charges will be filed in this investigation. News 25 will continue to update you once more information is available.

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