Possible Petition Scams in Gulfport

Tonight, Gulfport Councilwoman Ella Holmes-Hines held a meeting regarding a possible petition scam.
Holmes-Hines said she spoke with residents of the Rolling Meadows community who had people knock on their door to sign a petition. Each resident received a different offer. Some were able to get BP oil spill money, while others were offered higher paying jobs.
Holmes-Hines wants to know the how, who and why people are doing this. She said it is a very serious issue for her. “I’m just hoping that many people will listen and take note. The most important thing is if you don’t know them, don’t answer the door. If you do, please don’t sign anything. That is so important, not to sign anything.”
Holmes-Hines hopes this meeting will shed light on this scam and that the residents will be better informed.

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