Possible Amtrak train to reopen on the Gulf Coast

We are now one step closer to seeing an Amtrak train come back to the Coast.

A service which was discontinued before Katrina is once again sparking the interest of Mississippi senators. The new plan legislators are presenting is for two trains a day to roll which would let people from South Mississippi ride the train to New Orleans or Mobile.

City of Biloxi officials tell News 25 the CTA station in East Biloxi would be a great place for the train to stop. Cecilia Dobbs-Walton with Biloxi Public Affairs said, “There needs to be some upgrades done. The City of Biloxi has already put money aside for that and the Federal Rail Association has already said that we are going to receive some money to do these repairs. So, the City of Biloxi is already in the process of making upgrades and having a train stop for when the service can stop in Biloxi.”

If you would like to see an Amtrak train roll through South Mississippi once again visit www.southernrailcommission.org and fill out a submission card.

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