Port of Gulfport leases with new tenant

There’s a new tenant at the Port of Gulfport and major plans are already under way.
Sea One will continue the port’s diversification process and is bringing brand new technology along with them. It goes along with the state’s position of the oil and gas industry and the Department of Energy permit that Sea One has is only eligible for this type of gas product out of one port in the United States and that’s the Port of Gulfport. It is a 40 year agreement and it will move between six and eight million tons through the port on an annual basis.
Port of Gulfport Executive Director Jonathon Daniels say this will open up jobs for the port. “With security, with tugs, with longshoremen and with production, as well as Sea One Gulfport, it is going to bring in some marketing and accounting people. We’ve already established an office in Gulfport. You’re going to look at probably between 60-75 jobs. Not a lot of jobs when you take a look at the fulltime equivalence that you’re going to see on site, but the length of time and the complexity of the project, you’re going to see several hundred of them be associated with construction.”
Daniels explains they are still reaching for their goal of 1,300 jobs and with this new tenant it will help push them in the right direction.

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