Popps Ferry Road Bridge Now Open

The Popps Ferry Road Bridge in D’iberville is now back up and running 14 months after demolition in 2014.
This final milestone comes about a month after MDOT opened the diverging diamond interchange at the Galleria Parkway Overpass.
Over the past few years, D’iberville has been experiencing an economic boom and shows no signs of slowing down. MDOT Southern Transportation Commissioner Tom King said, “It’s extraordinary what’s going on here. It’s all about economic development and what’s happening on the Coast and right now it should take care of the growth.”
Today, MDOT held a ribbon cutting marking the final significant milestone of this major highway improvement project at I-10 and I-110 at Popps Ferry Road, formerly known as Big Ridge Road. “You’ve got much better access to the highway on both sides of the I-110 here,” said King, “it’s all about access, it’s all about mobility. It’s all about getting around and it’s all about development coming and growing.”
As D’iberville continues to grow, this I-110 interchange at Popp’s Ferry Road will only pave the way for even more economic development.
Mayor Rusty Quave said, “We have the plans for about three years now, these other projects already, and a lot of them are waiting on these highways to open up, these off ramps, and then they’re going to go ahead and start construction.”
The new bridge is five lanes wide and has two new access points on I-110 giving the traveling public even more options to navigate the I10- I110 corridor and easier access to existing businesses.
Mayor Quave said, “All the businesses are happy because they’re seeing more customers coming in the doors and more traffic out on the highways.”
MDOT’s next project is adding a third lane to the I-10 in November.

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