Popp’s Ferry Elementary hosts ‘Stop the Silence’ drive for Beautify the Meek

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Popp’s Ferry Elementary is helping with the cause.

Breaking the silence, Popp’s Ferry Elementary partnered with Beautify the Meek, a nonprofit that helps domestic violence survivors, to put on a ‘Stop the Silence’ donation drive for domestic abuse victims. Popp’s Ferry Elementary Principal Dr. Vivian Malone said, “I am overwhelmed by the donations that have come in. All of our teachers donated something so we have a table full of items that we will be donating to Beautify the Meek.”

According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, one in four women and one in nine men experience domestic violence in the United States. Dr. Malone and Katrina Currie, the founder of Beautify the Meek, are both survivors. “Even for me, it was very tough. I didn’t want to tell anybody; it was embarrassing and I just like to tell women that you don’t have to stay in that situation. It took me a while to get out, but I did and my life has been much better since,” said Dr. Malone.

Research shows that on average, a woman will leave an abusive relationship seven times before actually leaving for good, but with organizations like Beautify the Meek, it makes the process just a little bit easier. Currie said, “No matter where you are, it’s time to get out and to know your value. You were created for something great, no matter who told you you’re not, you are.”

If you are interested in helping more information can be found on Beautify the Meek’s website.

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