Popp’s Ferry Bridge back open after multi-vehicle accident

A head-on collision caused a multi-vehicle pile up on Popp’s Ferry Bridge earlier this morning in Biloxi.

Around 7 a.m., Biloxi PD and Fire responded to an accident involving five vehicles. The bridge had to be closed for over an hour as the agencies worked together to clean up the roadway.

Only minor injuries were reported and all passengers and drivers were able to exit the vehicles without assistance from emergency agencies. A few were transported to local hospitals.

Captain William Wiley with the Biloxi Fire Department would like to remind drivers to use extreme caution on the roadways as the roads can be slick with rainy conditions. “If the drivers should take more time and precaution when driving this bridge because of the fact that the road can be slick and wet and hard to drive at the designated speed for the bridge.”

The exact cause of the multi-vehicle accident is still under investigation.

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