Polling Problems in Jackson County on Election Day

Election Day was off to a rocky start in Jackson County this morning. Multiple precincts including the Jackson County Fair Grounds experienced technical issues with their electronic poll books.
After people voted, they went to present their card to the poll workers, but it said they already voted so it would not count. The electronic poll books were rebooted and then worked county-wide by 8 a.m.
Even though voters were frustrated waiting in line, the technical difficulties did not stop citizens from exercising their right to vote. Jackson County voter Michael Robinson said, “It’s been hectic. It’s kind of slow. The line is very slow and the system is working, but it’s kind of slow and the rain, I came prepared. This is the most important for me, one of the most important elections for me, so therefore I feel my vote counts.”
This was the first time electronic poll books are being used during an election. Employees with the Jackson County Election Commission did test the equipment, but some say they wish the poll workers had more knowledge about the system.

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