Police Warn Against Burn Outs

While thousands of vintage and antique cars will be on display during this year’s Cruisin’ the Coast, some drivers go overboard and put the pedal to the metal, spinning out and doing burn outs.
Biloxi police say not so fast. Burn outs have been part of Cruisin’ the Coast since it began 20 years ago.
Police tell News 25 that they’ll be on the lookout for drivers who are reckless at this year’s Cruisin’ events. Those who put others’ safety in danger could wind up behind bars. Sergeant Jackie Rhodes with Biloxi PD said, “In Biloxi, we’ll have a zero tolerance for burning out. One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that sometimes they’ll put bleach on the roadway to cause the smoke and stuff when they burn out. If that happens and they put bleach on the roadway and the car loses control and hurts someone, the person who put the bleach out could also be charged as an accessory.”
Cruisin’ the Coast officially kicks off this Sunday at Hardy Court in Gulfport and will roll on for an entire week until Sunday, October 9th.

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