Police Urge Against Moving Barricades

Drivers should expect a number of roads to close over the next few days. Officers will be placing barricades to close streets where water is pooling.
Law enforcement officials tell News 25 they always see drivers move barricades trying to drive through closed roads. These cars often wind up getting stuck and someone then has to go out and rescue the driver and the vehicle.
Authorities are urging residents not to do this because it’s not only dangerous, but could tie up first responders who could be responding to actual emergencies that could not be avoided. Sergeant Jackie Rhodes with the Biloxi Police Department said, “I think a good rule of thumb is when you see a puddle in the roadway, if you cannot see the road underneath, don’t try to drive through it. Go around, find a different route. Do not move barricades to go around them. That’s a traffic violation if you’re caught doing it, but it’s a safety deal. We put barricades up for a reason.”
Sgt. Rhodes also reminds drivers on the interstate to use extreme caution in the rain and to avoid using cruise control, that’s an easy way to lose control of your vehicle and spin out.

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