Police suspect someone is trying to poison dogs in Long Beach

The Long Beach Police Department is on a hunt to find a person they believe is on a mission to poison dogs in the area.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson takes us to the spot where rat poison has been laid out in what appears to be an effort to injure or kill dogs near a popular walking track.
Police are on the hunt for someone they believe is trying to poison dogs near the senior center on Daugherty Road in Long Beach. The investigation comes after authorities found rat poison alongside the walking track, a discovery that’s upsetting dog owners across the Coast. Dog Owner Lisa Ball said, “I recently did hear about what’s going on in Long Beach and it just appalls me because the dogs need safe places to go.”
Ball was playing with her dog at the park off Popps Ferry Road in Biloxi Tuesday. “Dogs are like family to me. Henry is like a kid to me and I’d do anything to make sure he didn’t get hurt.”
The Long Beach Police Department was notified of the situation before any dogs could consume the poison. Officer Kerry Hall with Animal Control said, “The effects of rat poisoning sometimes takes three to four days to show up inside of an animal and it’s a very slow agonizing death for the animal.”
A spot right off the tracks is where police say they found 33 rubber gloves and around two pounds of rat poison. The evidence is all to be reviewed at the crime lab this Thursday. “The location is where people walk their dogs daily so obviously someone put it out here hoping a dog would eat some of it,” said Hall.
Dogs have just recently received the go-ahead to be allowed on the walking track. Since then, the city has heard complaints about dogs on the track. Police suspect whoever is behind this is upset about the new rule. “They should find the person quick and I think they should make an example out of them and I think all the pet owners would stand behind that,” said Ball.
Police are asking anyone who may have information to help with this investigation to call the Long Beach Police Department.

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