Police presence at Biloxi schools in response to reported social media threat

This morning at all Biloxi School District campuses there was increased security and Biloxi police present.

This comes as a cautionary measure after several reports were made of a social media threat against Biloxi schools.

A spokesperson with the district released a statement last night, stating in part “we received multiple reports this evening concerning a social media threat against Biloxi schools. Even though the source of the threat has been addressed, we will still have a police presence at all schools for precautionary measures.”

Biloxi School District officials say after receiving multiple reports of the social media threat, they immediately reached out to local law enforcement, providing them with all relevant information.

Police visited several homes and action has been taken with all involved parties. They determined it wasn’t a credible threat. Biloxi Junior High Principal Scott Powell said, “We’re always better safe than sorry. So, Biloxi police was gracious enough to volunteer to have extra police presence out here on campus. Our first priority is to keep our kids safe and take whatever measures are necessary to keep them safe while they are here at school.”

Biloxi school officials want to stress to students that all threats are taken seriously and will result in serious consequences.

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