Police practice school safety in Pascagoula

Students will head back to school soon and one local high school is taking extra measures for its students and faculty.

Pascagoula police surrounded Pascagoula High School Wednesday morning preparing for the worst, but thankfully this time bulletproof vests and guns were only for training purposes. “We are doing some active shooter training, a couple drills we got set aside. This is day two of our training. Everything is going well.”

Calvin Hutchins, chief of law enforcement for the Pascagoula-Gautier School District, says this is the first time the school resource officers have conducted active shooter training with the Pascagoula Police Department.

Creating a safe environment for students is not only the main goal for school resource officers, but also Pascagoula High School Principal Caterria Payton. “We are charged with educating our students, but we can’t educate them if they don’t feel safe.”

Chief Hutchins says they are in the process of planning a large scale active shooter training which will involve all officers from the police department.

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