“Pokémon Go” is a No at Central Fire Station in Waveland

Sorry “Pokémon Go” players, but it is safety first at Central Fire Station in Waveland.
The Waveland Fire Department wants to make it aware that it’s dangerous for “Pokémon Go” players to play the game on the city’s fire station site. Waveland Fire Chief Tony Mallini says there were over 10 “Pokémon” players just this morning. He says this is dangerous for the players and public who depend on the city’s firefighting services. “If they want to come see the station and all, that’d be great, not that we don’t want you to come by. Come by the station and see what we have, but just try not to hunt “Pokémon.” It just brings another problem to the emergency we already have to respond to.”
Mallini says the “Pokémon” players park their cars in front of the engine bay, which could slow firefighters down from responding to an emergency.

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