“Pokémon Go” Craze Hits the Coast

It looks like Poké-mania has found its way to the Gulf Coast.
Users of the new augmented reality app “Pokémon Go” surrounded the Biloxi Lighthouse this afternoon. The game uses GPS technology to spread collectable creatures called Pokémon across the world where they can be located and captured using a cellular device.
Because the app is GPS based, well-known landmarks like the lighthouse are hot spots for users of the app to meet up, socialize and catch a few Pokémon. Pokémon trainer Sebastian Scott Jr. said, “We’ve been watching the original series of Pokémon and we were like this would be cool if they actually had this in real life and that’s what they did.”
“Pokémon Go” app user Michael Morrison said, “We all had Pokémon trading cards and when you take that and put it into an augmented reality, first off, it allows nerds like us to get exercise and second, it allows us to socialize outside of a chat room.”
Since its release last week, the “Pokémon Go” app has over 7.5 million downloads, topping the charts in multiple app stores.

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