Point Cadet Plaza Playground resurfacing project complete

Following its closure at the beginning of the year, the playground at Point Cadet Plaza in Biloxi is ready to reopen.

Due to the effects of Hurricane Nate, the playground had to close. Saltwater from Biloxi Bay washed up into the old playground, warping the surface.

Due to the popularity of the splash pad and playground, the City of Biloxi began a $40,000 project to install a new surface before the end of summer. Cecilia Dobbs-Walton with the City of Biloxi said, “This is a very high-profile area, the Point Cadet Plaza, and it’s used often. People rent it out all the time and when they rent it, of course they have access to this playground and the splash pad. In the summertime, being right here on the water, people come out here and enjoy this area often.”

With the damage to the playground coming from Hurricane Nate, the City of Biloxi says that they are eligible for reimbursement from FEMA.

The playground is expected to open next Tuesday.

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