Plans for a new grocery store in East Biloxi

A new much needed grocery store is coming to an area of East Biloxi.

Ward 2 Councilman Felix Gines announced plans for the new project in this part of town. Gines told News 25 right now the area is considered a food desert, but soon enough that name will not ring true. The city plans to open a grocery store on city owned land located on Caillavet Street and Division Street.

The plans to bring a grocery store to that area have been in the works for a while and now that they have the funds, the city can move forward. “Right now we are still in the planning stages. We have identified sources and now identifying tenants who are going to be there. So, we are continuing to move forward and to try to fill that void in our community. We have identified a couple of grocery stores who possibly want to come in and we are going to give them an opportunity to bid on it,” said Gines.

There is no set timeline on when the grocery store will open or which store it will be.

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