Planning for Prayer

Prayer: desperate words uttered as disaster strikes, a quiet tearful appeal at the bedside of a sick loved one. Does prayer work? We put this question to Coast leaders who believe so and they are walking out their faith, lending a hand with prayer rallies planned throughout South Mississippi this Thursday as part of the 67th annual National Day of Prayer.

The courthouse, a place where judgments are often handed down, but come Thursday prayers will be going up at the Jackson County Courthouse in Pascagoula as they have for more than a decade as people from all walks of life and faiths gather at the county’s annual National Day of Prayer Rally. “The National Day of Prayer is important because it brings people from all walks of life, from all faiths into a community event where they can share their passion for prayer, for society, for media, and schools and families, and our government and kind of pour out their heart in prayer.”

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell will be on the front lines, leading a prayer at the event. A law enforcement officer for more than 38 years, Sheriff Ezell goes by the book and says he has seen firsthand how effective prayer can be, especially when he has been at the scene where family members are mourning those who had passed or been murdered. “That’s the first thing people will say: we need to pray. Will somebody pray for us? It shows you how people really think when things are down, when the chips are down, if we can step in there and give some comfort, that’s what it is all about.”

Thursday’s National Day of Prayer will be observed throughout America and across the Coastal counties in South Mississippi from the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse to Jones Park in Gulfport.  Gulfport Annual Day of Prayer Rally Coordinator Connie Lillo Theiman said, “We’ll be praying over the family. We’ll be praying over education. We’ll be praying over our military, over the nation, over our government, over our community leaders, and last but not least, the church. We’re going to end in praying for healing, for God’s power to come down.”

Prayer rallies are planned across the Coast this Thursday, most of them start at noon.

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