Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Jackson County

Highway 63 was a temporary runway last night for an airplane making an emergency landing.
Engine trouble caused the single engine plane to touch down in the Wade community in north Jackson County around 5:30 last night.
According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, the pilot made the emergency landing because his engine lost power. He was the only one on board. After landing on the highway, the plane was taxied into the parking lot of Wade Baptist Church. It now sits there and is awaiting inspection from the Federal Aviation Administration.
Wade Baptist Church Student Pastor Brannon Lott said, “I got a text from my wife asking me why there was a plane in our parking lot. I didn’t see it when I drove in. So, I came outside and low and behold, there was a plane in our parking lot, surrounded by police cars. We actually approached them just to know what was going on with the plane in our parking lot. They said that he had some engine trouble and they actually taxied him in a little bit north from us into our parking lot and asked if it could stay here.”
The sheriff’s department tells News 25 the plane took off from St. Elmo Airport in Irvington, Alabama.

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