Pitching in at Keesler Air Force Base

Their primary mission is building and constructing and today some Gulfport Seabees put their skills to work to provide cover for those in training at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi.

Keesler Air Force Base buzzed with activity Wednesday afternoon and for good reason. Navy Seabees were on hand, pitching in to help provide cover for Keesler’s next group of trainees. “These tents are called Base X 305’s , and basically, they’re about 20 foot by 30 foot in approximate length and width.  They stand up to about 15 feet tall to the top.”

Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11 swarmed together to set up these tents which will be used for feeding, classroom instruction, and medical processing for Keesler’s next wave of airmen trainees. Lt. Col. Jerry Hambright with the United States Air Force will oversee the airmen’s training. “For the first term airmen, this is their first introduction to the military, right now, the folks coming to Keesler, is basic military training. We’ll bring them into these tents. They’ll do some immunizations, some blood draws. Those things will help us prepare them for the next step. Then we’ll also use them for classrooms, where we’ll teach them basic military training, war skills and military studies.”

As the Seabees are working, communication and teamwork are key no matter what branch of the military you are in. “This is a great example of us working with the Navy right down the street from us in Gulfport. The Seabees brought us tents so that we could continue training during this COVID pandemic.”

It’s not every day you see members from different branches of our military crossing lines, but whether a Seabee or Airmen, the mission remains the same and every member of our United States military plays an important role in protecting and defending our freedom as Americans. Construction Electrician First Class Kevin Foss said, “It’s a rare occasion, but we have done it before. I have done other missions before, training missions. I always enjoy the opportunity to do things like this, and the crew that I have is doing an outstanding job.”

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