The Pinta open daily at the Biloxi Schooner Pier

She sailed the ocean blue with Christopher Columbus in 1492. She’s the Pinta and she’s at the Biloxi Schooner Pier.

This ship is a replica of one of the three ships that sailed Columbus across the ocean. The over 500-year-old design certainly makes it stick out on the pier, especially compared to the other vessels surrounding it.

While it is 20 percent larger than the original ship to better accommodate more guests, it is fairly close to the real thing. First Mate Eric Gissendanner said, “She’s a very primitive design in many ways. We don’t have a ship’s wheel. We steer with a tiller, back in the stern there’s a long pole back which is attached to the rudder. In many ways, it’s an old styled ship that many people aren’t accustomed to.”

The Pinta was built by hand with the same design and tools as the original, taking 20 builders three years.

The Pinta will be docked at the Biloxi Schooner Pier until February 16th.

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