Pinta docks at the Biloxi Pier

A piece of history is docked at the Biloxi Schooner Pier. A replica of the Pinta caravel, one of the ships used by Christopher Columbus, is open to the public.

Driving by the Biloxi Pier you may see something that looks unfamiliar, the Pinta is a replica of the real boat sailed by Christopher Columbus over 500 years ago. Captain Stephen Sanger said, “This is one of the three that Columbus took across the Ocean on August 3rd, 1492.”

The Pinta launched in Brazil and was the first to spot land in the new world, historians consider it the space shuttle of the fifteenth century.

A crew member in the crow’s nest aboard the Pinta spotted what was considered the new world. The 86-foot-long replica was constructed using the same Brazilian hardwood that was used on the original. “This boat was constructed down in Brazil by eighth generation Portuguese who are still using the same technique and hand tools that built the original ships back in the 15th century,” said Sanger.

The floating museum engages people with the history of the vessel and gives a closer look at the people onboard the ship. Pinta Tourist Susan Villareal said, “Kids as young as seven to 14 was the average age and they slept on the deck.”

Normally the Pinta will stop at 40 ports, traveling 10,000 miles up the eastern seaboard, but because of the pandemic, travel was restricted in some areas. “COVID restricted the year. We are usually traveling ten months out of the year. So, people that come out and visit, that’s the only fund we have been able to maintain the ships. The last year has been really tough.”

Visitors are asked to please wear face coverings. The Pinta will be docked at the Biloxi Pier until February 16th.

It is open daily from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Admission is $5 for kids and $6.50 for adults.

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