‘Pink Snowbirds’ cycling around the United States

The COVID-19 shutdown was a curse and a blessing for 22-year-old Liam Carr and 24-year-old Timothee Leger.

Both lost their jobs and Carr dropped out of school when all his college classes went online. Now the two Canadians are taking to the road to spread awareness and raise money for a cause close to their hearts.

News 25’s Grace Boyles speaks with the Pink Snowbirds during their pit stop in Pass Christian to learn about their journey and the reason they embarked on it.

Two Canadians, two bicycles, a dog, and a 6,000-mile trek sounds like an adventure novel. However, there’s nothing fictional about childhood friends Liam Carr and Timothee Leger teaming up for a cycling expedition across the United States to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, a disease that affected Carr’s family. “The inspiration really came from my mom. She had breast cancer about five years ago.”

Despite COVID-19 travel restrictions not allowing Carr and Leger to bike across the border, the duo was still able to get travel visas so they packed up their bikes in boxes and flew to Portland, Maine to begin their trip to California. “We built the bikes and took a swig of some maple whiskey that we brought and biked out and camped on a beach that night where we lost several of our tent pegs right off the bat because we didn’t check the tides properly.”

“We were about to sail down the Coast instead of biking.”

“Honestly, yeah. It would’ve been a lot easier.”

When it comes to equipment, lodging, and food the cycling duo try to keep everything cost efficient whether that means buying bikes out of the back of someone’s van, camping in their two-man tent, or cooking their food over a small burner stove. “They say you can have the champagne and caviar edition of traveling and we’re a bit closer to the rice and beans, like down here.”

“We are literally the rice and beans because it’s been a lot of our diet so far.”

While biking across Florida, the Pink Snowbirds welcomed a third member to their road trip: Brody, a stray puppy that they now pull in a bike trailer that was donated to them. “You know, the bigger he gets the bigger our legs have to get to pull him, but all the more to love.”

After a three-day pit stop in Pass Christian, the Pink Snowbirds are headed out Tuesday morning to finish their second half of their journey. Although the two cyclists are only halfway through their trek, they’ve already learned a lifetime of lessons in just four months. “I mean it’s pretty cliché to say, but take time to smell the flowers by the side of the road. I guess all the flowers are frozen at this point, but you know take time to meet the locals, taste the food and really experience the hospitality, don’t just bike by it.”

One hundred percent of the funds raised by Pink Snowbirds will go to the Pink Fund in Michigan where the money will then be distributed to cancer patients and their families to help pay for any expenses that need to be paid. If you would like to donate to the Pink Snowbirds you can do so by clicking here.

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