Pink Dress Run takes over Downtown Gulfport

A wave of pink washed through Downtown Gulfport during the annual Carter’s Champions Pink Dress Run.

Participants took off wearing their prettiest pink dresses, racing and raising awareness for breast cancer.

This year, there were almost 600 participants. The organizers were overwhelmed by the community’s support considering that when they started it six years ago, there were only 15 participants.

All proceeds benefit the Memorial Hospital Foundation to provide financial support for local breast cancer patients.

News 25 spoke with a couple of this year’s participants delighted to see the turnout.

Breast cancer has directly impacted their families and they are hopeful the financial support from the event will help others win their fight against the disease. Participant Kelli Bell said, “I’m a two-year survivor myself. I know that this particular event, the Memorial Hospital Foundation, helps people because they helped me. You look around and know that everybody is thinking the same thing. There’s an end goal.”

Participant Brandon Elliot said, “My wife had breast cancer in the first quarter of this year. We had to fight that as a family. My girls were calling her name and was telling me to hurry up the whole time. It’s amazing this event, it’s put on well, and it’s gotten huge fast.”

Following the race, participants enjoyed live music and plenty of other activities like the ‘best dressed in a pink dress’ contest.

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