Update: Person injured in two-vehicle crash in Biloxi on Sunday not ejected from truck

A man thought to have been thrown from the bed of a truck in a two-car collision early Sunday apparently left the vehicle on his own.

The initial report showed that a Chevy Silverado truck was traveling east on U.S. 90 approaching Rodenberg. The driver said he had a green light and was proceeding through the intersection when a GMC Sierra truck left the service drive and attempted a U-turn to head west on U.S. 90.

Biloxi Police updated a press release about the incident on Monday that said that video shows the passenger riding in the bed of a Chevy Silverado lost his seat on the bed of a mounted toolbox, but remained in the truck bed.

The crash occurred about 5 a.m. Sunday on U.S. 90 at the Rodenberg Avenue intersection when the Silverado, according to the driver, was hit by a GMC Sierra truck that was attempting a U-turn into the westbound land from the service drive.

Capt. Brian Dykes said in the updated press release that video showed the Silverado’s truck bed passenger stayed in the truck during the collision, then exited under his own power and collapsed roadside.

Investigators conducted a thorough review of all video sources at the location of this crash.

The passenger was taken to USA hospital in Mobile, Alabama, where he was treated and released.

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