People Flock to Shelters During Record Breaking Cold Temps

Nineteen degrees: a record low set in Gulfport, two degrees below the previous record set just last year in January, but this cold isn’t just inconvenient, it can be downright deadly.

People filled the Salvation Army’s cold weather shelter in Gulfport as the temperature continued to drop. Almost a year ago to the day, a man died from cold weather in the woods in Gulfport, a death that could have been avoided if he had been in a shelter. The shelters along the Coast help provide warmth and in some cases, a hot meal.

Laura Bianco, Public Relations Director for the Salvation Army, says, "And many times, you forget about the people living on the streets. So organizations like us, like the Salvation Army, we want to make sure we’re looking out for anyone and everyone, even if it’s an elderly person you may go check on who doesn’t have heat in their house. Bring them here."

The cold weather shelters will be open Friday and Saturday nights as well.

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