People enjoy Labor Day holiday on the Gulf Coast

It’s been nice to finally see some sunshine and with the beautiful weather, dozens of locals and tourists took advantage of the sunshine for the Labor Day holiday.
Families took their kids and loved ones to enjoy a nice day at the beach to get some sun and play in the water. With some businesses and schools closed for the day, it gives people a chance to basically enjoy one more final day of summer.
Even some tourists from Louisiana came to the Gulf Coast to enjoy a day off from work. Tourist Samantha Toranto said, “Well, I’m a teacher so I have the day off. So, we decided to come where we have a beach and just get in the sun and have some fun with our friends.”
Tourist Ami Hanrahan said, “It’s finally nice to have some sunshine since it’s been raining and it’s a beautiful day to go to the beach and just relax.”
The two tell News 25 they love coming to Mississippi to enjoy the beach and eat at their favorite Gulf Coast restaurants.

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