Pelican Cluster Dog Show at the Coast Coliseum

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, especially when only one out of 3,500 can win “best in show.” News 25’s Laurene Callander gives us a behind the scenes look of the Pelican Cluster Dog Show and the economic impact the four day competition makes on the Coast.
If you think it takes a long time to get ready in the morning, talk to these pups. They may get their hair dried and nails trimmed, but these pooches know a thing or two about hard work. Professional dog handler Theresa Nail said, “From the time they’re born, we start stacking them and getting them ready and basically we keep their toenails short and keep their muscles hard and keep them in good condition.”
Just ask Nail, a professional dog handler since she was 17, only one competitor in this year’s Pelican Cluster Dog Show. She’s up against 3,500 other dogs and handlers from 40 states around the country. Even though the competition is rough, Nail has a soft side for her pups. “She’s just my heart, my heart beat and she’s with me all the time. We bicycle in the mornings and she’s just a fun girl to be around.”
The competition brings more than big boys to the Coast. It also brings big bucks to Biloxi. Pelican Cluster Dog Show Publicity Chair Carl Grotton said, “Economically the show will bring in about $250,000 to $350,000 to the local economy because of all of the hotel spending and restaurants and everything else.”
The “best in show” gains points to compete in larger shows such as Westminster in New York.
While some strictly sniff out the competition, others use this time to bond with their four-legged friends. “I just love dogs. Dogs are so easy. They’re so wonderful. They’re always beside us when we need them to be,” said Nail.
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