Pedestrian walkway up in Biloxi

A new instillation went up over Highway 90 in Biloxi last night.

The pedestrian bridge near the Small Craft Harbor was hoisted up and put into place. Cecilia Dobbs-Walton with the City of Biloxi said, “It took several hours to get into place and now everyone is just ready to put in the finishing touches and open it up to the public.”

Many people are very excited about this new addition to Biloxi including tourists like New York resident Peter Domagola who says he loves the look of the new walkway. “It has a nice, art deco kind of look for the shrimp industry. It is really quite telling. It is really kind of cool. It gives some perspective about the islands and dunes.”

Besides being a beautiful addition to Biloxi, the new walkway will provide a way for people to get from the Small Craft Harbor to the new buildings in downtown. Local fisherman Steve Nichols said, “I think it is a good thing for the tourists to get back and forth across Highway 90. Hopefully they will regulate the red lights where you don’t have to stop as much, but I do think this will help out.”

The pedestrian walkway will also be wheelchair accessible thanks to the elevators that are going to be installed. “We just wanted to make sure that everyone can have access to this crosswalk and to be able to walk across Highway 90 to get to all of these amenities that we have.”

The bridge will be open to the public later this summer.

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