Pearl River Valley Electric awards PRCC students with scholarship checks

More than 100 students at Pearl River Community College received scholarships thanks to a local utility company.

Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association awarded 111 PRCC students with $500 scholarships. The $55,000 check was made possible by Pearl River Valley’s Round up for Scholar’s Program.

The scholarship is funded by members who round up their utility bills to the nearest dollar each month. Scholarships are available to members who do the round up as well as for their spouses or dependent children who are enrolled as freshmen this fall. Pearl River Valley Electric CEO Matthew Ware said, “It’s great. I talked to a couple of students this morning and to hear what they’re doing, what their plans are, and they have goals and things they want to do, and to know we’re a part of that, and our membership is a part of that, I think that’s huge for us, and we’re proud of that.”

PRCC President Adam Breerwood said, “We’re always excited when industries and our partners invest in our students. Programs like this provide not only an opportunity to students to come to college, but also an opportunity for students to maintain their course of higher educational success, so we are so proud, and pleased, and grateful for this initiative and the investment in our students.”

This is the tenth year for the Round up for Education Scholar’s program.

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