Peaceful Protest to the Religious Accommodation Act

As controversy continues to swirl around Governor Phil Bryant’s swift action to sign the Religious Accommodations Act into law, Coast residents are taking a stand against the law they say is discriminating against the LGBT community. A peaceful rally at the Biloxi Visitors Center drew much attention to cars passing along Highway 90. Some protestors say they hope the nation hears their message loud and clear.
The young, the old, the black, the white, the straight and those in the LGBTQ community were all standing in unison to “support the right of everybody in the state of Mississippi.” Rally organizer Susan Guice says it’s important for the country to know that even though the governor signed into law House Bill 1523, it’s not a representation of Mississippi as a whole. “The majority of Mississippians do not believe in this law,” said Guice.
At the Biloxi Visitors Center, peaceful protestors showed that they stand against the new Religious Accommodations law that passed earlier this week. They say their message is “no hate in the state.”
For Kelly Stevens, the fight for equal rights is a battle she knows all too well. “I’ve been a lesbian since I was 17 and it’s just time that this stuff goes away,” said Stevens.
The bill goes into effect July 1st. In the meantime, Guice says she’s not backing down anytime soon. “It’s sad that our gay friends have to feel like maybe they’ll be kicked out of a restaurant or won’t be allowed to use the bathroom or that they have to go into hiding. I mean, that’s just sad. They’re people. They’re just human beings and I believe that God loves all of us.”
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