Pastor credits alarm for quick arrest

The second Gulfport church in two weeks is vandalized, but this time the suspect did not get away. The senior pastor at Tabernacle of Faith Church is crediting his alarm system for keeping the burglar from doing too much damage.
According to Gulfport police, 60-year-old Melvin Grayer of Gulfport is charged with burglary of a church after officers found him on 39th Avenue at 4:20 this morning. Senior Pastor Bishop Anthony Thompson says Grayer threw a brick into a window to get in, but panicked when the alarm started going off.
Bishop Thompson tells News 25 the suspect should be glad no one else was inside the building at the time. “Around here at the Tabernacle of Faith we are in an area where people can get kind of belligerent so we pack. In other words, we’re packing so if you break in here during the day time when someone’s here, you coming up in here to rob, you may have a different story. First and foremost, my job is to protect the people that’s here and so when people are here I feel like I’m responsible for them. They call me PPP. You want to know what PPP means? Pistol Packing Preacher.”
Bishop Thompson says they do not keep money inside the church and Grayer did not get away with anything. He did take the air conditioning panel off thinking it was the alarm system. Grayer, who has a history of burglaries, has no bond.

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