Passion play at St. Alphonsus Catholic School

St. Alphonsus in Ocean Springs celebrated Good Friday this afternoon with their traditional Easter program.
Students from the sixth grade classes performed a live rendition of the Passion, focusing on the historical significance of Good Friday for all Christians.
Students tell News 25 it is fun to be able to put on a show in front of their family members and focus on the importance of the Easter holiday. Narrator Emma Grace Scruggs said, “It’s Good Friday. We have to remember that on this day a long time ago, Jesus died for us and by having it at 3 o’clock we’re really doing symbolism because at 3 o’clock he died.”
Michael Sean Cabrera portrayed Simon of Cyrene. He said, “It’s important and Easter’s not just about getting your eggs or getting chocolate from the Easter Bunny. It’s mostly about how Jesus died for us to forgive us for our sins.”
The play is an annual tradition at the school for the Easter holiday.

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