Pass Christian’s Breakfast with the Mayor

It’s been 10 years since Katrina destroyed most of the homes and buildings in Pass Christian and also wiping out much of the city’s tax base. But Pass Christian has been on the mend, with the re-opening of its Wal-Mart Supercenter back in 2009 and the recently unveiled harbor expansion.
Mayor Chipper McDermott took office in 2006, just one year after Katrina pummeled this small coast city, wiping out many homes, businesses and properties and the residents who owned them.
“I mean, we didn’t know where we were going to be in business or not. So, they move away just like anyone that could have, would have done and come back when things get better,” said the mayor.
And things appear to be getting better, as reinforced at this morning’s meeting. After losing many residents after the storm, the city is only 1400 residents away from its pre-Katrina population despite the strict building regulations resulting after the storm.
Along with growing the city’s population, the mayor also says that putting a hotel in an open lot is at the top of his list. The mayor tells News 25 that the city hasn’t seen a hotel in over 75 years. And to get one, they’re going to have to take matters into their own hands: “With our population, you have to sustain yourself on out of town people. That would be a way of staying here, not just a day or two,” said Mayor McDermott.
The mayor says the city plans to bring in a number of attractions to grow the city and its revenue, including a racetrack. This is Money that will ultimately improve the quality of life for residents and generations to come. Pass Christian High has been named the top school in our state five years in a row, just one of the good things happening here. These are things residents and city leaders hope to keep rolling.
Jenny Levens, director of the Pass Christian Chamber of Commerce, said, “I think that it shows the citizens care about the city and they want the overall good for the city, keep everything going.”
Mayor McDermott tells News 25, the city is currently soliciting Hilton for a hotel.

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