Pass Christian School District Finds Successful Approach

The Pass Christian School District has been ranked number one in the state for the past five years. So, what makes them so successful? District leaders credit a team approach. News 25’s Katarina Luketich takes us to one of their elementary school science lessons.
Conner Cliett and his classmates began the process of making crystals this morning using everyday household items. This is just one of the hands-on experiments these super scientists conduct weekly. “We made a density tower. We made a lava lamp and a lot of other cool things,” said Conner.
Gifted teacher Lori Fisher says these types of STEM programs really resonate with the kids and allow them to get a better grasp on the scientific method. “It’s better than just telling them what the steps are. These kids get to experience the steps of the process and it’s a learn-by-doing type of teaching.”
While STEM programs are very common, this year the Pass Christian School District is adding an “A” to that to make ‘STEAM’ and incorporating the arts into the science, technology,engineering,and math programs.
For example, in a few weeks, these super scientists will be going to kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms to teach other students what they’ve learned. “For them it’s more of performing arts but then they will be teaching the scientific method to other students in our school,” said Fisher.
School leaders tell News 25 innovative programs like these are just one aspect of what makes the Pass Christian School District so successful. While a good model for districts across the state, Superintendent Beth John says there is always room to learn. “We are not above knocking on their door and saying how did you do that in algebra, your scores are so great. We share a lot, but we take it very seriously that people look to us for guidance, too.”
Beth John calls it a team effort between administrators like her, teachers like Lori Fisher, and everyone else involved ensuring kids are lined up on the path of success.

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