Pass Christian family offering reward for information in the death of their brother

One Pass Christian family continues to mourn the death of their brother, Kenneth Charlot, who was killed in 2018. Police are still searching for his killer, but they’re not giving up hope.

Now a reward is in place to bring Charlot’s death to justice.

It’s been almost three years since the death of Pass Christian resident Kenneth Charlot, who was killed in his home and found days later in Gulfport.

With no active leads, his family hopes a $5,000 reward will lead to information that will help close the case and bring them closure. “We just want people to put themselves in our place, if your family member had been killed in their home, which is supposed to be your safe place, and then their body is discarded on the side of the road, just put yourself in our shoes and if you know anything come forward please.”

Law enforcement all along the Coast has banded together to bring Charlot’s death to justice. Pass Christian Police Chief Daren Freeman said, “We’ve involved several agencies, Harrison County Sherriff’s Department, Gulfport Police Department, and asked for assistance with them and they’ve all stepped up and provided us with assistance and they continue to do that today.”

The family put up flyers and used social media as a means to spread their brother’s story to everyone on the Coast. They also reached out to Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers as a means for help.

Though years have passed, Charlot’s death is still fresh on their minds. “Every day we think about him and this is a very small community and a small town and we ride up and down this street every day. We see the Charlot family every day in the stores and at church and in town. It keeps the investigation hot and fresh on our minds.”

Anyone with information is urged to come forward. If you report to the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers, you will remain anonymous.

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