Pass Christian elementary and middle school robotics teams rising to new levels

Pass Christian middle and elementary school’s robotics team is taking the program to new heights, scoring three major wins in the recent Mississippi Gulf Coast VEX IQ Challenge for Excellence and Design.

At first glance it may look like Legos, but this set up is actually constructed by Pass Christian Elementary and Pass Christian Middle School robotics students and serves as building blocks for problem solving through engineering and building, skills that garnered them top awards at a recent robotics competition. Robotics Coach Brandon Warden said, “They would design, build, work in engineering notebooks and also run on the fields.”

Instructors say it’s not so much about the competition as it is about team work and collaboration as these students work together to build on the engineering skill set they already have. “This event was a fantastic learning opportunity for our students. Not only for them to showcase their skills but also to grow with their abilities. We’d like to give a big thank you to Mr. Quintero with the Gulfport School District for sponsoring this event and making this event happen for our students.”

Not content resting on past achievements, these students are moving forward and have even created an H-Drive to solve a robot’s mobility problem. Student Lillia Fuller said, “So we have four wheels facing forwards and backwards, and one wheel facing side to side. This allows our robot to move forward and backwards as well as side to side.”

Seventh grader Ethan Bordelon has chosen his career path as an engineer with his sights already set on strengthening our Gulf Coast. “I’d create new buildings that are, that have a good structure, and are able to withstand natural disasters. I’ve wanted to be an engineer because I’ve always been so creative and I’ve always been interested in designing and building.”

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