Pass Christian Elementary holds Black History Month show “The Unsung Heroes”

Pass Christian Elementary school students commemorated Black History Month this morning.

The performance was titled “The Unsung Heroes” and the students sang, danced, and gave speeches under the direction of their music teacher. Forty students participated in the Black History Month celebration in grades kindergarten through fifth.

Students prepared for the past five weeks for the performance using their spare time outside of class.

Fifth grader Luci Harris said, “The color of your skin doesn’t mean anything.”

Fourth grader Sammy King said, “To show everybody what Black History Month is about and what came from and the important people and the history that came from it.”

Second grader Kylee Johnson said, “Celebrating our heroes that saved us from slavery.”

Music Teacher Cherynne Hinton said, “I was extremely proud of them. They were very nervous, but did I think they did an awesome job. It was also great seeing this diversity get together and celebrate our history.”

Pass Christian Elementary hopes to make their Black History Month performance a tradition that students can participate in every year.

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