Pascagoula Student Invited to Join Army All-American Band

Friday, one Pascagoula High School student received one of the greatest band honors he could receive.

David Thomas was invited to join the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band and was presented with his honorary jacket in front of his family, friends, and classmates. The All-American Marching Band is an elite group, which performs at halftime of the nationally-broadcasted U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Thomas is completely deaf in his left ear and 45% deaf in his right.

Thomas, a sousaphone player, says, “It really doesn’t affect my play ability, it’s just an annoyance when your director has to call you constantly and you just turn around like, ‘What?’ It’s really just more of an annoyance than a disability, but apparently to other people, it’s a disability. It’s just learning about how to find yourself in the correct moment to just snag it.”

Thomas says he loves band and is honored to be one of the 125 high school band members selected.

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