Pascagoula Rotary Club giving $35,750 in scholarships

The Pascagoula Rotary Club had their annual scholarship awards ceremony. This is the largest Rotary Club scholarship program across the Coast.

For top scholarship winner Bettina Boland, this scholarship money will aid her as she attends Mississippi State University with dreams of becoming an architect. “Yes, I’m excited to use to for art supplies or books, something for school.”

This past year, Bettina worked as an intern at the Bacot McCarty Foundation. While she does thank them for helping her get the scholarship, there is on person in particular always guiding her in the right direction: her mother, Lisa Boland. “She’s been very encouraging. She’s pushed me to functions and to work when I didn’t want to, I’m very thankful for her.”

Lisa said, “She’s been very blessed to have a lot of opportunities, a lot of shadowing experience and community service. I’m very proud of her.”

Forty other students were handed scholarships. In total, the Pascagoula Rotary Club handed out around $36,000 in scholarships. Considering the pandemic, they were worried they wouldn’t be able to keep their annual scholarship giveaway. Pascagoula Rotary Club Scholarship Chair Jessica McNeel said, “We’re really excited. In the face of COVID-19 we didn’t even know if we would have the funds available to do this. It was so important to us that we do this.”

The scholarships are awarded to students based on grade point average, extra-curriculars, and future prospects. “The Bacot McCarty Foundation contributed $15,000. We provided $20,500 and Joe and Kay Martin donate $500 in memory of their son Joseph Martin.”

A collective effort, continuing to provide financial assistance to those pursing further education.

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