Pascagoula Public Library needs repairs

The Jackson George Regional Library in Pascagoula is asking the state to help fund repairs for its aging buildings.

The building, now more than 30 years old, is in serious need of a new HVAC unit. It’s been using a temporary heating and cooling unit for the last two years, but coupled with the building’s infrastructure damage, it doesn’t always do its job well.

There are also leaks in multiple parts of the ceiling.

All of these things create a particularly bad environment for a large collection of books and manuscripts.

It would cost about $4.3 million and Jackson County is willing to pay half, but will ask the state to fund about $2.1 million for the repairs. Jackson-George Regional Library System Director Angie Stewart said, “We’ve got our upstairs collection of the Singing River Genealogy Local History library, which contains all kinds of older books, documents that should be kept at a standard humidity and temperature to protect them. Also, regular books. You don’t realize it but if the AC is off for a day, the humidity in here is so bad that the floor is actually damp.”

Pascagoula City Council submitted the application for those funds last night.

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