Pascagoula Mayor Dr. Steven Demetropoulos speaks on COVID-19

As of today, the Mississippi State Department of Health reported 39 cases of Coronavirus in Jackson County, including that of a Singing River Health System physician.

Healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic are continuously working to help sick patients while also trying to protect themselves.

Dr. Steven Demetropoulos of Singing River Medical Clinics is also tasked with leading his city through the outbreak as the newly elected mayor of Pascagoula.

In a recent Facebook post from the City of Pascagoula, Mayor Demetropoulos explained the meaning behind all the numbers of COVID-19, stating in part: “As of last week, the death rate for COVID-19 has already surpassed the typical death rate for influenza.”

He’s encouraging everyone to take this virus seriously. “We’ve been putting out videos, we’ve been putting out things that go on Snapchat to try and hit different audiences. We have things on our website, our Facebook page. I’m happy to do whatever it takes for me to do as both the mayor, and more importantly as a physician. There are certain things we can do. We know what they are to be successful. We know what they are. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are just three things. We can’t vaccinate against it, we can’t treat it with medication, when somebody is sick all we can do is support them, but we can social distance.”

The mayor says if we’re going to be successful in flattening the curve, we need to be strict on ourselves by staying home, keeping a six foot distance between others, and washing our hands.

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