Pascagoula Mayor Candidate Forum

There is a special mayoral election set for next Tuesday in Pascagoula and this morning at the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce’s Candidates Forums each candidate got to answer questions and give reason as to why they are fit for the job.

It was a full house inside the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce for this candidate’s forum. All three candidates were in attendance and have similar platforms that are based on the revitalization and repopulation of Pascagoula.

First to speak was Dr. Steve Demetropoulos. He is a physician with Singing River Health System and a long-time Pascagoula resident. He says the problem solving skills he has learned as a physician will carry over if elected. “Handling complex problems and understanding how to develop a consensus, bringing people together and then being really solution oriented, it’s not enough to identify a problem, but we want to be able to solve that problem and so I think my past experience will help with that.”

Opposing Dr. Demetropoulos is Burt Hill. Hill formerly served on Pascagoula’s City Council and says this experience is key. “I do have four years on the council and I think we did good then and I can hit the ground running. I don’t need any training. I know what it’s all about. I know the leaders of the industry here and that’s one thing we have some leaders of the industry here that don’t live in Pascagoula.”

The final candidate is Chris Grace who currently serves on the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission.  He is the youngest of the group, but says his youth can help bring back millennials to the city. “There is youthfulness in Jackson County and that’s one of the things you know, the millennial age has really declined and people are moving to the East Coast and the West Coast and up north. We need to get them back here. We have a great thing going and we need to try to capitalize on that.”

Whoever is elected will serve until June 2021. Election Day is February 11th.

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