Pascagoula High School Walkout

Today, thousands of students participated in a protest across the country in response to the recent deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida.
Four hundred students at Pascagoula High School walked out of class. Senior Meha Patel read aloud names of students killed this year due to school shootings across the country. “Having students be the ones speaking their voice, it has a more direct impact.”
Principal Anthony Herbert was impressed with his students. Two weeks ago, they spoke with him about this event. “I’m glad they took that approach to come to me first so that we could sit down and discuss and talk about it together.”
Senior Kenyatta Thomas decided to speak from her heart. She wants to bring a change to gun control laws. “We don’t want to discuss problems like this. We’d rather just keep things the way they are, cover them up, and not discuss them. I think it’s a conversation that needed to be had.”
Every student who spoke at the podium wanted their fellow classmates and students across the country to know their voice matters. “We are the next generation. We are going to be the future leaders of the world. We are going to be the ones to make that change because this is the world that we have to live in,” said Thomas.
Student Quintin Harry said, “I’m hoping that we were able to inspire something in the students so they feel like they matter. They can express their feelings without feeling like they would be punished for it.”
The walkout last 17 minutes, time well spent according to student Natalie Smith. “At this point, if we are not speaking up, I don’t think anyone is speaking up on this issue. We are not seeing the kind of change we need to with our lawmakers and leaders. So, it’s important to see those effected by these issues standing up, making our voices heard, and make a change.”

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