Pascagoula Council Discusses Changes to Market Street

A plan to give Market Street in Pascagoula a facelift doesn’t quite sit well with some business owners.
As News 25’s Kristen Durand reports, the City Council continued discussing the project today in a special meeting to review changes that consider the public’s input.
Brass Hanger Cleaners has served the Pascagoula community on Market Street for several years. A new plan in the works to give Market Street a facelift does not sit well with owner Brass Hanger Cleaners owner Bruce Grimes and some others. “Make some improvements, please. We all need some improvements in this town and the attractability for some new businesses, but to think that changing it to two lanes with a roundabout will attract retail is a little far-fetched for us,” said Grimes.
For several months, the city has been in talks about reducing the now four lane Market Street to two lanes and adding several roundabouts, back end parking and possibly a bike lane, all with the hopes of attracting more business to the area.
Some business owners fear that they may have to shut their doors for good if the city decides to move forward with the transformation. “With the two lane and the roundabouts, it reduces the access to some of these businesses to a point that they could no longer operate under the same business. There’s one service station, it would block their access from Market Street and a great deal of their access from Ingalls Avenue. It could no longer function as a gas station anymore,” said Grimes.
Monday’s meeting was meant for the Council to discuss changes made to the plans after hearing the concerns of several business owners. Grimes says he is pleased to see more openness from the Council during the meeting. City officials hope they can meet somewhere in the middle. Pascagoula Mayor Jim Blevins said, “Try to understand what we need to do to bring Market Street into a new era if you will. It has been going kind of downhill for 30 years now and we’re trying to do some things so the best thing businesses can do is continue to give us input. Help us with the design.”
The Council is tentatively set to vote on the issue during their first meeting in September.
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