Pascagoula City Council grants special use permit to cannabis facility

The City of Pascagoula held a city council meeting today where a new facility was granted a special use permit.

After a unanimous vote, the Pascagoula City Council approved the request for a special use permit to allow operation of a new cannabis cultivation facility.

The new facility, located at 4700 and 4703 Pascagoula Street, required a new use permit due to the type of facility only being allowed in the community commercial district with one.

The city council also approved a request for a variance from the 250-foot distance requirement from the adjacent residential district.

The council made it clear that the facility would cause no disruption to the surrounding residential area in any way. Pascagoula Planning Director Josh Church said, “A lot of people think it’s gonna be a bad thing. These things are quiet. They can’t have any smell. They can’t have any noise, so it’s like just a building. Most people are going to think there’s nothing in it other than you see a few people go in and out.”

The facility is expected to be up and running within the next 18 months.

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