Park and Pray event to take place this evening in Jackson County

During these trying times, some people turn to religion as a source of comfort and this evening hundreds will be getting together and doing just that.

Action Church, along with 22 other local churches, is hosting a ‘park and pray’ event at the Ocean Springs and Singing River hospitals.

Event organizers ask that you arrive between 6:45 and 7 p.m. and at 7:15 turn on your hazard lights. You are asked to stay in your car and do not honk your horn.

Anyone is welcome to attend these events. Pastor Eric Camp said, “Well I think it is important for number one, our community, our region, the hospital workers, doctors, all to see one church, not multiple churches, being that we are not meeting in buildings, we are one church anyways. Just to show support especially during this time, during this pandemic. I’ve heard from around the nation where other organizations have done this and it has been very fulfilling and a major blessing to the personnel and the hospitals.”

Hundreds of people are expected to attend this community event tonight.

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