Some Pass Christian parents are recovering from a work out today – after joining their kids in P.E. class at Pass Christian Elementary School.
News 25’s Toni Miles takes us to the school gym where students and their parents teamed up to work up a sweat and show off their skills … and stamina.

“Be very careful, okay? Go ahead.”
Students at Pass Christian elementary school filed into the gym for P.E. class … But this wasn’t any ordinary day…
Coach Ragon: ” Face your partner. Bounce three times.”
Coach Payton Ragon, Pass Christian Elementary School P.E. Teacher says” The Active Schools Program started this a couple of years ago. It’s of course, Bring Your Parent to P.E. Week. It kind of excited me when I found out about it. It’s a movement to get parents involved in physical education, but at the same time, we want parents to get involved in the school setting as well.”
And boy did they.
These parents proved they were not content sitting on the sidelines…
Coach Ragon: ” Ready? Here we go.”
Dad Derek Dominguez was in over his head at times, but had his daughter, third grader Carley, by his side for support.
Dominguez says, ” It is really important. I really liked it. This is the first time we’ve done it. She always wants to play at the house so I brought her to school and we got to play at school.”
” All week long, Pass Christian parents are invited to come out and work out with their children, and it isn’t just about physical education. It’s also about strengthening their relationship.”
Tony and Claire Bond say, ” They don’t get to experience school, or school activities, with a parent, for us to actually be able to come in and see what they do every day, I think as a bond, that really helps bring that together and experience the day together.”
It’s the second time around for tony bond and his daughter Claire who says this year her dad passed the class with flying colors.
” Claire, how do you think your dad did today?”
Claire Bond: ” Good.”
” If you had to give him a grade, what would it be?”
Claire Bond: ” A.”
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